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Red Apron Cookies

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July 18


New Haven, CT


United States

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I love making, decorating and eating cookies! I love to learn and bring people joy through my cookies. I customize and sell my cookies, I enjoy a challenge.


Wise Words To Chew On

I cookie, You cookie, He, She, Me, We cookie

Cookie Caliber

Da Vinci

Cookie Cred

Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

Cookies For Sale, Yes or No?

Yes :)

Best Cookie Memory

My first year living away from my family, I made a bunch of sugar cookie dough and royal icing colors for my familys christmas eve party. I wasnt sure how it would fair but I have a huge island in my kitchen that connects to the living room so I knew it wouldnt get in the way. When I brought out the dough and started rolling it out, kids, adults, teens, grandma, everyone joined in cutting shapes, decorating cooled cookies, I baked like a machine and made an assortment of royal icing colors. It was a hit! Even though it was a bit hectic I loved every minute of it, we all laughed, played, decorated and made a mess, all over a pile of cookies.

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Most Time Spent On One Cookie

2 hours

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