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October 8


Chattanooga, TN


United States

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I was a pharmaceutical sales rep for almost 18 years and was laid off at the end of 2017.  Looking for a job and possible new career, I reached out to a friend and fellow cookier for guidance.  I have since found a passion for cookie decorating and pray that I will be able to make my new found love of decorating and my skills at marketing come together for a fulling and HAPPY new career. Being able to "pay the bills" will also be a wonderful added benefit... (Insert laughter here, but serious as well) 

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Laided off Pharmaceutical Rep now trying to make a living with cookies

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I only have about 9 weeks worth of cookie memories, however, finally getting icing my flood consistency to where I liked it.

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