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April 3


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I began decorating cookies this past Christmas when they were requested as an addition to my usual cookie baskets. I had always shied away from any sort of cake or cookie decorating, believing it was simply to difficult for me to master. I was quite surprised to find that with the right tools it was fairly simple to master the basic techniques. From that moment, I became completely obsessed with decorating cookies. I read about cookies, dream about cookies, and make cookies as much as each day allows.

My current goal is to one day in the far future open a storefront sweet shop of sorts full of tasty handmade candies, chocolates, and baked goods. But for now, I am simply having fun experimenting with techniques and finding my own unique cookie decorating style.

I honestly cant remember a time when I was this excited about a hobby. I absolutely love it and look forward to the many possibilities this newfound hobby may bring. 💜

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Every day I receive new cutters in the mail!

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