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Virginia Darwin

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May 31


Birmingham AL


United States

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Mom of 4 crazy guys and now 2 wonderful daughter in laws! And married to my husband of 30 years! I have had a love of everything related to the kitchen since I was young.  I have been teaching informal cooking classes for several years now while also running a decorated cookie business.

Wise Words To Chew On

I stressed so long about presenting the "perfect" finished cookie, casserole, dinner, etc. I have come to realize people don't expect perfection and anything homemade is apprecated. realized

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Best Cookie Memory

I had just finished a very large order of white iced cookies. My son showed me one he had done. The white frosting looked really funny so I took a bite of the one he frosted. The taste was disgusting. I almost had a heart attack because I had just completed 100s of these. I looked up to see my son laughing. He had put white glue on one cookie to trick me.

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

18 doz.

Most Time Spent On One Cookie

Too much time as a beginner agonizing over the perfect finish.