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Whip It Good Cookies

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November 3


Houston, TX


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I'm Erin Heflin with Whip It Good Cookies.  Whip It Good Cookies was created almost 3 years ago.  I have always had a passion for all things creative. I can honestly say however, that I never thought my creative passion would lead me to baking and decorating cookies. While I was on maternity leave with my youngest son in 2010, I discovered a world full of creative and inspiring women on the internet that were doing all of the things that I love to do and blogging about it. It was through my blog-stalking that I ran across a picture of a decorated cookie. I immediately thought to myself, "I can do that." So I did. 

I purchased a few supplies, researched, played around with numerous recipes and messed up a lot of cookies before I figured it out.   

Here I am almost 3 years later and now I get to inspire others.


Before I started making cookies I was always a “brownie out of a box” kind of girl.  My husband would attest to that.    It wasn't until I fell in love with the idea of decorating cookies that I really took an interest in baking and learning more about good ingredients, etc.  I now love to bake cupcakes, cakes and cake bites too.


Being a wife and a mommy to my 2 young boys comes before my cookies.  I also work in child welfare so it is not until I am done with work, dinner is cooked, everyone's fed, lacrosse practice is out of the way, homework and baths are taken care of the kids are in bed, that I get time to work on cookies.

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