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3-D Gingerbread House
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #43

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Hi again, @Ira Varinia, this house is lovely and so cleanly assembled. However, it landed in the Practice Bakes Perfect clip set after our 5 pm challenge deadline and it is missing the required "2020" on it. So, unfortunately, it can't qualify for one of the random prizes or a Spotlight mention, but I will keep it in the challenge clip set so that everyone can admire it. We would still love to hear about the techniques used and lessons learned as you made your house, so please leave a comment under this post. I am tagging our challenge host @Sweet Prodigy, so she's aware of all said here.

Thank you, and be sure to post earlier next time. (We want to be sure your hard work qualifies for a prize!) There can always be posting glitches, especially if you're new to the site.

So.. I just found out that I posted my entry for the challenge in the wrong section and of course I uploaded the wrong picture.🙈 I think it’s a little late but I’m just going to redo what I did earlier anyhow. Lol.

This my very first gingerbread house. I finally convinced myself to build one as I’ve bought my gingerbread house cutter set a year ago.

I used wood plank technique for the wall. Wet on wet technique for the windows and the door. Sugar icing transfer for the fir trees, snowman and the wreath. I made a parchment paper mold with the help of piping tips for the trees. Using start tip and stiff consistency icing to create them.

As we all hope the better year 2021, I sum up the year of 2020 in a playful big poster that made from sugar cookie with wet on dry technique for the T-Rex & the Christmas tree and the 2020 icing transfer on side.

And for the snow angel, I was inspired by Aproned Artist. I use royal icing for the whole base and sprinkle powdered sugar all over to get the snow effect. And used piping tip to create the snow angel.1DFFFFD1-495D-44D1-9F9F-EE01B84334C04195CBEB-049C-49C2-BECF-9AD708BCDD7EA72ADAF3-9E60-499F-B709-0409BAF2DABD


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Your entry is so wintry wonderful. Who wouldn't want to make snow angels in all that fluffy "snow"?! I love the rustic look of the wood planks, and the snow covered roof and frosted windows. I can only imagine that it is warm and cozy inside the cabin. Your trees and snowman look spectacular (thank you for sharing your techniques). Your T-Rex is the perfect touch for a 2020 year...but at least he's helping to decorate the tree!

What a beautiful gingerbread house @Ira Varinia!! You did an awesome job in creating this 3D project. I really like the effect you used on the door and windows to create reflection. Really clever! ❤️❤️

A magical winter scene, dear Ira !! The picture from above looks so beautifully dreamy with the snow angel !! Really very good job !! Shame it was posted too late... The reference to 2020 also fits perfectly! ❤️😘 @Ira Varinia

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