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A Curious Bunny
From a Marina Dieul's design

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Laegwen posted:

Your paintings start to look photo-realistic. Maybe it's about time to switch from cookies to canvas

The funny thing is that I switched from canvas to cookies!

Bakerloo Station posted:

Sweetest little bunny EVER!

Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

Awesome!!! I love the 3D effect of the bunny. Amazingly precise painting

Cookie Celebration posted:

Wow, that is just gorgeous and amazing. Great job!!

Funny gingerbread.Elena Vlasyuk posted:


Teri Pringle Wood posted:

great job!!!


yqmel posted:


Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️

Verónika posted:

Loooove this bunny or hare! 

Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson) posted:

WHAAAAAAT???? I swear, I just saw his nose twitch! OH MY GOSH, he is too precious!!

Thank you so much ❤️