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A Small Gift for Guests
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #47

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The cookies are 3.54 "in size. I couldn't decide which ones I like better, so I made two patterns. One wet on wet method and the other with royal icing flowers. Cookies can be packed in foil or in a gift box.


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Both designs are lovely! Is the lettering hand-done with edible marker or some other way? It is so precise!

Yes. The inscription is made with an edible marker. I use a pico pix projector for subtitles. My own handwriting is not very decorative

If I were the bride, I would probably pick both designs because they are equally beautiful in their own way. I love how the hexagonal shape along with the recessed gold band and piped gold border give the cookies a contemporary feel while at the same time they still have a classic look about them. I also noticed that your cookies are presented two different ways (flat sides out and pointed corners out), which may seem like a minor detail but it can also be an important detail to consider, so I'm glad you showed the hexagonal shape both ways. I also like the simple elegance of your packaging; it lets the  cookies take center stage.

Simply gorgeous and elegant work @Edyta Kołodziej!! Your work is always stunning and this is another example of why. Your detail is beautiful and so elegant. Perfect for a wedding favor. Love these ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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