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A Very Steampunk Halloween
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #3

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I used rust, pumpkin, gold, turquoise, white, and black instead of the peacock blue. In addition, I used Aztec Gold, Nu Silver, and Bronze Lustre Dusts and also black airbrush color. Decorations were made out of white fondant that was colored either gold or rust and was finished off with 3 of the mentioned Lustre Dusts. Thanks for this challenge! I always thought making the color rust was super difficult to achieve but now I know

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Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!  I LOVE these.  They are playful, smart, beautiful...I'm at a loss for words (which doesn't happen often).  Love them all - the colors??!!?!?!!  They could not have picked better colors for this set.  Oh, did I say that I liked these? 


Wow! Saw these on Pinterest and wondered how I had missed such a great set last season.  Now I know it is a great set to inspire next season!  These are really great- you're an artist!!!

Sweet Fancy Moses...I have no words for these cookies!!!  You nailed the colors from my palette...for I couldn't have done a better job.  The subject matter is so creative and the texture on them is mind blowing.  Your work is nothing short of spectacular  Good luck to you on the challenge!!!