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Almost a Prince!
Cookies for the food pantry

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Royal icing transfers were again the star for this guy.  I made various elements as I had left over green icing.  I didn’t worry about the different shades of green because most frogs I’ve seen are not that matchy matchy.

Frog 1

Frog 2

Frog 3

Frog 4


Images (4)
  • Frog 1
  • Frog 2
  • Frog 3
  • Frog 4

Love, love, love... I love frogs and I love your cute frogs dear Lisa!!! The red bow gives a nice contrast to the green frog. Beautiful work dear Lisa!! @LisaF ❤️

Thank you Gabi. I had fun with this one and am pleased with how he turned out. The bow was a last minute addition so thank you for noticing. 😘❤️🍪

Awww, they are sooo cute!!! Loved the “Almost a Prince” title!!♥️

Thank you dear Heather. He’s on his way, just waiting for the special kiss. Unfortunately for him, I imagine it will be more of a bite!😝😂🤣

You are so smart always using royal icing transfers. These little frogs are all uniquely adorable!

Thank you Christine. I’m always looking for a way to multi task and get out in front of a deadline. 😜

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