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Autumn Blessings!
Mixed Media Pumpkins

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Originally Posted by Carol53:

Very nice!  What was the technique you used to create these pumpkins?  They are very unique.

Thank you, Carol! I applied a thin coat of thick consistency icing with a spatula (troweled) for the base, then went on the brown stamp and the black stamps over that, petals are stenciled, embellished with RI roses with a touch of gold luster dust. That's it! I baked the cookies yesterday afternoon and the whole thing took less than four hours from start to finish

These cookies are great.  I had to lean inclosely to the monitor to see a pumpkin.  lol  Oh, aging!  lol  I thought you used wafer paper.  I never wuld have guessed stamping.  Great job!

Originally Posted by Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson):

These are so beautifully unique. Awesome work, thank you for sharing and for giving the details! Love it!!!

I'm always happy to share

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