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Bo-Kaap Houses
CookieCon 2017 Cookie Town Collaboration

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thank you for the lovely comments @Julia M. Usher@Chua Cookie@carouselselsel@Valerie J@Laegwen@Evelindecora@pip and @Carol-Anne!

Sadly, it were only the cookies that made it to CookieCon    I would so much love to be able to attend.

The comment below I added to @BeverlyParker 's picture in the CookieCon coverage where all the cookies of this set were shown (http://cookieconnection.juliau.../clip/cookie-town-11  and the next photo has more of the Blue Mosque)

The colourful buildings on the second row from the top are all houses from an area in Cape Town called the Bo-Kaap (Upper Cape). It is an area where a lot of the slaves lived after they were manumitted. The Dutch East India Company used to send Muslim leaders into exile at the Cape. They brought their teachings with them and Islam was the first religion available to slaves. Slaves were the artisans of the settlement and this is reflected in the houses they built. In the last few years, this area has been gentrified quite extensively and the colours are not historical, but it is how the area is known these days so that is what we made.

These cookies were decorated as a group effort where about 7 people got together for an evening of decorating. Cookie decorating is not as big yet in South Africa as in other places, so most contributors were cake makers who tried their hand at cookies.


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