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Bren'sZen Jewelry--Cookiefied!
The CookieMonger

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Originally Posted by Lauren Dorsee Dillon:

Wow! The elephant! Is it a mold or did you create it from scratch?

I created it from scratch.  It's a transfer I made with royal icing on parchment paper while looking at the image, though it probably would've been easier if I had put the image under the parchment now that I think about it, but the image I had was too small and was facing the other way and I wanted it this way.  I added the details then painted it with gold after it dried.  Thank you!  

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Originally Posted by KellyMadeThat:

these are even more fantastic here than on Insta, now that I can see them even better!

Thanks Kelly!  I wish I had taken a better picture--the blue on the elephant cookie was really bright, but I didn't notice it didn't come out well until after I had posted it.  I just got a good camera for Christmas but I don't know how to use it and I don't like taking pictures, and after all, the iPad is SO much easier and faster.  

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