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Hello! Today I must confess (for those who have asked me) that making cookie characters is not my thing. But an adaptation can be interesting. A few days ago, a beautiful woman, whom I love so much, asked me the favor (due to lack of time) to decorate some cookies she baked and cut out for her daughter. When I saw the illustration, I thought for a long time about how to solve it because I did not want it to be completely the same, and this was the result, her name is Buenéfica (like Good-Eficent). Thank you my dear Lupita for the challenge, (what a challenge!). What a privilege to have worked together for your event 
Note: I didn't bake the cookies, I do not have the cookie cutter, and I don't sell it.

Thank you everyone! Love, ChapixCookies.
Originally Posted by Sarabella:

I like your version better than the original...Beautiful job.


Originally Posted by Evelindecora:

Wonderful as all your works ❤️


Originally Posted by Michelle west Sion:

I just adore this cookie


Originally Posted by heidijo:

Beautiful! I love this!!


Originally Posted by Lets Talk Cookies Michael McIntyre:

Fantastic love her.


Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

It's great!


Originally Posted by Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson):

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this version! SO beautifully done!!!


Originally Posted by Poppy:

Outstanding work!  Your color choices, design and execution are amazing.  Well done!


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