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ImageGirls'/Women's Birthday Cookies

Butterfly garden for Emilie

Butterfly garden for Emilie
These are for my niece. I had watched a periscope ages ago by Greeks n Sweets where she had stood cookies up in a garden and been wanting to try for ages.

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Originally Posted by Liesbet:
Very pretty! Will show them to my Emilie

Thank you Liesbet It's such a lovely name  


Originally Posted by Teri Pringle Wood:

So lovely!!! Hugs!


Thank you ever so much Teri! xx


Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

marie!!!!!   wowzaaaaa    beautiful   well done   love the set  bravo

Thank you Dona, it's so lovely on here everyone is so encouraging


Originally Posted by virago:

adorable set!

Thank you very much!

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