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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #1

Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #1
My first trip to Disney was in the 70's and i loved it!

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Hi, thanks for entering the challenge. 


Couple of questions/things:


1. What techniques were used on the cookies? Generally, you should have a couple of clip sets and tags related to techniques on all of the cookies that you upload.


2. Also, please don't forget to tag your photos IN ADDITION TO putting them into clip sets. (This is the only way to ensure that your photos will be found by people and search engines later.) I tagged this photo for you as an example only - but please fully classify in the future. For all the important reasons for fully classifying your photos and how to, please read this post: http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST


I just want your cookies to be found. Plus, it saves me and moderators a lot of time when people fully classify their own images! Thanks so much!

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Originally Posted by Cathy Eberhardt:

Thank you Julia. I'm sorry I caused a problem. First picture to post here! Will do better next time!

OK, thanks.

Thank you! I never got to go as a child! I was a mother of a two year old at the time and am sure I enjoyed it more than he did! We had just moved to Miami.

So besides learning to decorate cookies now I'm trying to navigate this site! Enjoying it all!

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