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Christmas Angel Cookies by Shell's Sweet Serendipity
Xmas Gingerbread

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SUSANzky posted:

These are precious!  l like that there's enough room to personalize the image of the angel.   What cutter was used and where did you get it?

Hi there, thanks for lovely comment .  Wanted a really simple angel - didn't fancy any of my cutters so just improvised and sketched one body with different hair styles/colours onto a simple Wilton's large star (from their 100 cutter set) - easy peasy !! - Shell

pip posted:

Adorable.  Terrific use of the star cutter.  How big is the star?  If it came in a set it can't be too big....

Hiya Pip, largest blue plastic star cutter, around 4.5 inches then my gingerbread expands to make it a bit bigger - Shell 

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