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Oh how absolutely, hands down . . . FABULOUSLY GENIUS! Remarkable & Beautiful! It's just wonderful. Mother and all of us girls used to window shop and it was fun. This brings such lovely memories for me. Thank you for that!

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Wow, I am just floored by this! I'm new to cookie decorating and I am so impressed and inspired by everyone here. I think, if I could ever do this, I would have to frame it! :-)


Is that done using the KopyKake machine? I mean, where do you even start to design something like this? I think that's one of my biggest obstacles. I'm not artistically talented and although I can envision what I want to do, getting it on a cookie is another story!


I'm so very impressed.

As soon as I lay eyes on this cookies - I thought "that's the winner".  There are a lot of really gorgeous cookies  this Christmas.  People are working and creating beyond incredible work...but this is my hands down favorite!  Beautiful, just beautiful.

For those that commented after my last post, thank you so much for your like and comments. Would be great indeed to go to the finals but participating and coming this far it's great. Thank you all for voting and helping to get here. Cheers Marta