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Living a whisked away life with pastry bag in hand, trying to make the world a bit happier place, one cookie or cutter at a time.  My cookie business is The Cookie Connoisseur and I design and create cookie cutters as Whisked Away Cutters (

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"Every woman should have a blowtorch." ~ Julia Child

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Owner - The Cookie Connoisseur and Whisked Away Cutters

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When I got an unexpected heartfelt thank you note from a stranger that I sent cookies to after seeing them go through a terrible tragedy. I never expected to ever hear from them and she wrote how much they ‘appreciated an act of kindness in the middle of a nightmare’ and thanked me for ‘bringing some light to the darkest days of our lives’. To think that my little cookies made even a small difference during that very difficult time is by far my best cookie memory.

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

Perhaps 140, but in my defense, they were complicated. lol I am not a large quantity cookier.

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Far, far too much! lol

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