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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #40

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This was my first time doing brush embroidery and being told not to do petals made me unsure of what to do!  I played around with white icing for a while, and thought I started seeing "seeds" so I went to Flikr and found this coneflower image as inspiration (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).  I don't think I captured it, but at least it got me going.

The edges are brushed using a flat, square tipped brush.  The "seeds" are dots pulled through with a pointed tip brush.  

If I've got time, I might try again with smaller dots even more close together.  DH said it looked more like a turkey's plumage, so at least I've got a plan for November

Such a clever idea to recreate the seeds. I can definitely see the pattern as well as the depth and dimension. And I can also see a turkey. (Perhaps a cookie platter with many layers of "feathers.") 

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