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Cookie Garden - unfinished!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #10- NON-ENTRY

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Still to do: add raised royal icing transfer bees, ladybirds and butterflies, and flood border cookies in gold. If I waited til that was all done, I'd have missed the challenge deadline!
All the elements were specifically requested by the client, for her father's birthday. These are his favourite flowers, and he raises crested Orpington, aylesbury and mallard ducks.
I used a round coarse file to shape the cookies so they fit really tightly; my recipe is lovely but does spread a little!

I am a HUGE gardener, and I have to say, not only are columbines some of my very favorite flowers, but yours are SPECTACULAR!!! You captured every last detail. I so want to print this one and frame it on my wall.  Or, contact Springbok and have them make a real puzzle out of this scene.  So lovely!  *sigh*

Upon my Word Lucy that is absolutely Beautiful and full of so much detail already, I can't wait to see the finished cookies so I can Oooh and Ahhh again! Wondferful Stupendous work as always XX

Jaw dropping, stupendous!  You are one terrific lady, painter...  You have so much vision!  I love this set!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have questions but I don't know where to start.  Hmmmmm?  First, ditto to all comments.  It looks like you hand-piped the ducks, tomatoes and flowers, then detailed - right?  Did you hand-cut the pieces or did you use a cutter, then filed down to fit (getting around those curves must have - had to be (is for me lol) very tedious (I usually break them lol).  So unfinished means that you have a few more details to add (as in your comment).  We will see the finished set?  Putting you in a big air balloon for the ride of your life!  You are a favorite.  I know I'll never be displeased by your work. 

Dona, I shall be photographing the finished set properly tomorrow. There's raised elements on top, and a border. I just wanted to get something in for the challenge - it was very nearly just the blank cookies! I shall write up a blog post for my website on all the details soon. Thank you for your comments :-)

Swooning over this breathtakingly beautiful set! Gorgeous details! Missing my Dad today but seeing this brings joy to my spirit and makes me think back fondly to the years we had ducks and all his beautiful gardening! You truly produce exquisite edible art Lucy! ❤️