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Hi, Anamaria, Lovely cookies posted today. Thanks for sharing.


But, please read the site posting guidelines before posting again. 



Most importantly:

1. Avoid mass uploads because all the tags you applied get applied to all the cookies in the upload whether they are relevant or not. For instance, this cookie was tagged as: bearsbluecandiesCars,cookiesdaisiesgirlymedical,OnesiesparisPolkaSnow,valentinewearingAnchor,babybouquetboyscameos,chanelchippendaledots,funnylettersowlplanes,rainbowsunwhite


when it is only a few of these things.


2. Do not upload more than 5 cookies at a time per site rules (explained in first link).


3. Put your photos in clips sets as well as tagging them. If not in clip sets, as none of yours were today, they will be impossible for people to later locate on the site.


I edited all 19 of the photos you uploaded today, as examples only this one time. Feel free to adjust, and please fully classify in the future. I just want your lovely cookies to be found. Plus, it saves me a TON of time when people fully classify their own images! Thanks so much!

Last edited by Julia M. Usher
Oh, I'm so so sorry about the inconvenient . I was with my head on clouds when I''ve posted those cookies. I didn't mean to upset you . Sorry, again and again !
I promise that it will not happen again !
Thank you!
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