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Originally Posted by LadyGodiva2u:

Very cute, love the little girl, but the wings remind me of bat wings more than angel wings. I also love that you took time to make a printed dress which makes it sweeter.

So, in your opinion, is it an angel or a demon?

We might need to ask the author of the image, since the original picture is not ours! Maybe you could try to change her wings and give it a cuter look... We would love to see how you do it, since you have not posted any cookies of yours... 


I am an artist ( oil on canvas + pastels ) but I am also a cookie afficionado, if you will, as I love all art forms, right now I am contemplating working on cookies.

As an artist I get critiqued by art lovers and art critics alike, my work may please some and not others.

This wonderful website is a really a place to " learn and grow " for all cookie artists, one needs to be open to all critiques.  

So please don't take it the wrong way, as I haven't bashed this cookie,in fact I praised it but for one detail, the wings.

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