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ECU Wedding
Wedding buffet cookies with an ECU theme

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Lovely set!


One thing though: Please don't forget to tag your photos as well as put them into clip sets. (This is the best way to ensure that your photos will be found by people and search engines later.) I tagged all of the ones you uploaded today as examples only, so feel free to edit. For all the important reasons for fully classifying your photos and how to, please read this post: http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST


I just want your lovely cookies to be found. Thanks so much!

Hi Monica, I love, love, LOVE the Scully Pirate cookie.  My daughter and her husband met their first night at ECU, were in the same dorm, and were married 10 years later.  They are going to their first homecoming and tailgate party and I would love to surprise them with my attempt to duplicate your artistic talent on all ECU cookies. I've scoured the internet and cannot find a cookie cutter that will work For Scully.  Thank you so much for any assistance you might be able to share.











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