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Fairy. Sweet Porcelain

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ok, this miniature deserve description
Gingerbread miniature 6,5 х 12sm. fairy 5,5 cm hight, cupcake 1,4 sm, cup 0,7 sm.
all details can use like the toys-figures (are not glued)
Without carcass, without foil, hollow inside.
The part of the future big composition.
Collection "Sweet Porcelain". Our new technique of the imitation of the porcelain creations with the gingerbread and royal icing.
Gingerbread, royal icing, edible paint


Images (2)
  • Fairy. Close-up
  • Fairy. back
Anne Marie Adams posted:

I could never bite the head off of your Little gingerbread fairy. She's just too cute and adorable

Thank you so much my friend! Now this fairy has her personal house

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