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Family Tree | Bakerloo Station
A gift in honor of my parents' 47th anniversary; see sources of inspiration in first comment

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The original idea to do a family tree set of cookies came from a paper cut-out family tree that was presented to my grandmother about 25 years ago. But for this particular set, there were many other inspirations. The heart-shaped love birds design is used by permission from Little Wonderland. However, the overall set was initially inspired by a striped tree quilt by Kellie Wulfsohn that I discovered on Pinterest and SugarBelle's turkey platter. Upon further research, I discovered that the incredible Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies & More had already done a cookie tree similar to what I was planning, so, into the creative hopper her tree went too! Finally, the leaf designs and woodland "feel" were loosely inspired by the art of two of my favorite cookiers, Fernwood Cookie and Yankee Girl Yummies. It takes a village to inspire some sets of cookies... AND to make it 47 years. xoxo

Thanks, Nancy!  The smaller pairs of birds in the hearts and the single cardinal in the heart represent my siblings and spouses and the small single birds are the 7 grandchildren. 
Originally Posted by Nanzcam aka Nancy Kemp:

Absolutely adorable!  Love those little "family" birds in the tree!


Lisa, I don't ship my cookies, but this particular set had to be transported to a restaurant a couple of towns away via car.  I used a 21x14" heavy-duty, plastic oval platter that I got at Party City, and lined it with paper crinkle (I prefer natural-colored crinkle, but the store only had blue), which holds the cookies in place rather well.  Then I covered the whole platter tightly with a wide sheet of cling film (Saran Wrap), and finally, put it the platter in a large, flat cardboard box for transport.


Family Tree Platter pm


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Thank you so much!  This was definitely a labor of love project!
Originally Posted by Gigi's Patisseries:

This is one of the most joyful, beautifully executed, celebrations of family I have ever seen. Fantastic!


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