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VideoAnimal Cookies

Galletas decoradas glasa 3

(How to Make Deer Cookies)

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Hi, Hadas Y Grumetes, Thanks for posting this video and your other clips today.

I have not had an opportunity to look at all of them, but they look great at first blush. However, I did want to suggest a few things before you post again:


1. Anything you upload - photo, video, etc. - into the Clips area needs to be put into a clip set AND tagged. You did neither for anything uploaded today. What this means is that it will be impossible for people/search engines to search and find your content later. Also, in the case of this video, I did not know from the title what the actual cookie was, so I had to listen to the entire video in order to tag and classify it for you as an example, which unfortunately I cannot do routinely due to lack of time. That all said, in the future, you really need to classify and tag all that you upload. And possibly also give them more descriptive titles.


2. Please do not upload more than 5 photos/videos in rapid succession (at a time). We have this rule on the site because our members like to see a variety of cookiers' content in the home page photo feeds.


3. This video seems to have lost a lot of resolution in the compression process. It is very hard to see what you're doing, unfortunately. You probably need to revisit your compression process to make sure that the videos you upload are clear enough to view.


This post contains all of the site posting guidelines. Please give it another review if you have not already: http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST


Thanks - and please let me know if you have any questions about any of this.


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