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Thank you all for the kind comments.  I was hesitate to post since this site isn't dedicated to gingerbread construction, but went ahead because most all of the techniques used were learned from cookie decorator's blogs, posts and books.  I have made gingerbread for years, but last year learned in "Ultimate Cookies" to mold in silicone molds and bake.  Now it is one of my favorite things to do as you may recognize multiple Marvelous Molds used on the carousel.

Oh, my goodness! What magic and emotion of childhood dreams and memories this evokes! Absolutely stunning, and inspiring, as my thoughts are of every step in the process, from imagining it, to planning, and all the execution steps to completion! Thank you for sharing! 

Lovely lovely lovely! I would love to know more about the silicone molding and baking tecnique. There is a web site where we can see it better? I don´t know ultimate cookies... Is it a book?

Mariana, Ultimate Cookies is the name of my book, but not sure that's what LSchuy is referring to here. In my book, I talk about using silicone molds to shape fondant and other modeling media for use on cookies, and in my other book Cookie Swap, I talk about using Springerle molds for baking texture into cookies, but I don't explicitly talk about baking in molds in Ultimate Cookies. Definitely possible, obviously.

Hi Julia... this is how I came across this site  I purchased your book from Book Depository a couple of weeks ago (I'm in Australia) and I am in loooooovvvveeeee I was more into cakes but I think I love decorating cookies just as much now!!! Thanks for a great book. I did notice one place sells your peacock cutters.. but they didn't get back to me so maybe don't ship internationally is there anywhere in Australia that stocks them?

Hi, CakingMeCrazy, Thanks for the kind words. FancyFlours is the only place that sells my peacock cutters (he: They do ship internationally as well, but you have to call to make the shipping arrangements. Let me know if you have further trouble connecting with them. I know the owner and Director of Operations quite well and can make sure an order gets placed if that's what you decide to do.


Sorry for hijacking this thread . . . oops!

Wow, I can't believe I came up with molding gingerbread on my own .  I looked back through my copy of the book and didn't see anything.  I know something in it triggered me into giving it a try.  The first project I used it on also had medallions similar to the "Pendant Perfect" cookies so maybe I lumped the process together in my mind.   What I do is press the gingerbread dough into the silicone mold and place in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Remove from the mold and bake.  For the base of the carousel, as soon as the gingerbread came out of the oven, I wrapped it around the outside of a 14" cake pan so it curved.

CakingMeCrazy - I usually make my own templates.  For this I used cookie cutters for the horses and plaques the pictures are on. 


Thank you all for your comments.  I'm glad you enjoyed the carousel.  It was a lot of fun to design and make.

And thank you Julia too! I dont´t know your books. Are they mailable to Brazil? Decorating cookies is kind of a "new thing" here like I said before. Everything we know came to us trough the web. New thing but growing in big steps!