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My academic background is in visual arts school. I decided to be a cake designer because this is a very friendly way of making art. My biggest pleasure is to capture the costumers styles and personalities to create the most beautifull and tasty cakes and cookies.

One year ago I was invited to teach the art of cookie decorating and it was a turning point in my life. I became really obsessed in this art and started to search day and night about all the thecniques I could.

On the other hand I found that I really was born to teach! I just love these piping moments whith some girs thirsty for learning. The best part is that I always learn from them too!


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Cookie decorating teacher

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my second advanced royal icing thecniqes class (great friends I made that day). And my first 3d cookie scene

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I think twho hours but I don't know because when decorating I forguet that time exisists!

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