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Gingerbread Fairy Cottage

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mint!   wheeeeeeeeeeeeee   you know I love your art   way fabulous!  Thinking my house won't hold a candle to yours        wheeeeeeee bravooooooooooooooooooooo

spectacularrrrrrrrrrrr   dazzling

shoving an etch a sketch at you and demanding you sketch a design for me   hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa                you teeter on the love   learn to hate  line   hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa       i am soooooo proud of you       you bring me joy    tears of admiration and appreciation         i just needed to let you know this       which i'm sure you do        i look for your art         raining  glitter    sugar dust     flour      tossing yeast at you    hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

This is unbelievable!!! How long did it take you to make it??? Your work is flawless...I love it

Thank you! It took a few hours only to ice roof and chimney.