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Good Day, Little Red Riding Hood
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #22

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Wafer paper uses: x-acto cut intertwining trees and cut flowers and wolf on main frame cookie, punch-cutter flowers on Red cloak cookie, hand cut blood drops on wolf cookie, x-acto cut toadstool (hole punches in top) and quilled paper fern fiddleheads, scalloped edge craft scissor cut leaves alongside circle punched petal crafted large yellow flower. 

Really such a good wooork! Kind of get a bit scared with them, principally with the wolf!!! Loved it! You have got lots of creativity and the story is really well resumed. The work in wafer paper is really nice too! Loved it! Really expressive too!

So. Cool.  I love the layering of airbrushed stenciling and the wafer paper cutouts in the picture frame and mushroom cookies.  This is such a fabulous and unique take on this theme!  Awesome entry!

Wow!  This is something. I love the variety of application with the wafer paper.  Love it.  Your use of stencils and RI as paint,  the wolf and fir tree, creates the perfect background to showcase the wafer paper creations. Well done


I love everything about this! So well done. ❤️ The cutting, the framing, the brilliance in contrasting colors, the tree on the back of her cape, the airbrushed layers, the stems, et. all! Almost forgot your mushroom!!! ❤️❤️ So spectacular!

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