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Happy Coffin Halloween
Julia's First Kitchen Club Kit Project...My Take:)

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Happy Halloween!!! I was so excited to see Julia's First Kitchen Club Kit Project...a 3D coffin for Halloween 2022. Yay . Of course I had to try the 3D version. Anyone who knows me knows that I love 3D cookie projects! And what a great project for Halloween - a coffin. I took a little different approach than Julia's @Julia M. Usher in that I rolled out fondant and stenciled the "lid" design onto the fondant which I then "glued" onto the coffin lid cookie. I loved the color scheme from Julia's tutorial. I considered a gray/black version of the stencil but opted to use the brown/gold palette since my last 3D project was all gray and black. LOL I intentionally allowed some underspray in the stenciling to give an "old" feel to the coffin lid. (I agreed with Julia's  point in her video about undespray working given the type of project it is.)

Using melted marshamallows that I stretched over the coffin gave the look of spider webs that I thought was a fun addition. Of course working with melted marshmallows is very messy business! Since there was this big spiderweb on the coffin I had to add some spiders . You can see this more clearly in the picture of the closed coffin (below).

I rolled my usual sugar dough (without the baking powder) to 1/8" in. I like this dough because it holds its shape really well. The only down side to using it was the fragile thin "sides" of the coffin. My dough doesn't hold up as well to a microplaner as using a construction gingerbread dough would have. I painted all of the cookie pieces black and used black RI to glue the pieces together. I applied a rough generous coat of RI to the outside and inside of the coffin sides to convey that more rustic appearance of a dug up underground coffin. Afterall, since I used broken up skeleton pieces inside the coffin it would have to have been "buried" for least that was my rationale.

This was a blast to make . Many, many thanks to Julia for her creative genius in creating this project!!!


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  • Closed Coffin
@LisaF posted:

Wonderful Carol.  Absolutely delightful.  I love the idea of the marshmallows for the spider web.  Really great job. Thank you for sharing all of the details!❤️

Thank you so much Lisa @LisaF!! Your comments are always so kind

Thanks for the super kind words and for sharing this project here as well. As I mentioned on social media late last week (??), I just love seeing your twist on my kit and hearing how much fun you had using it! Your take is so well done - congrats, and thanks again!

So cool and creepy my dear friend Carol!! Your work amazed me totally!! @Cookies Fantastique ❤️

Oh my dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks, thank you so much for your incredible kindness. Your words mean more to me than you may know. Be well dear Gabi ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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