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Just gingerbread and edible paint (SK Edible Paint by Natasha Collins, rainbow dust food paint for metallic details)

Without Royal icing and without fondant (to increase the suitability date - 24 months in sealed packaging)

Completely edible. Except coin, lol

Evelindecora posted:

I am in all with miniature food ❤ They are all very beautiful 

thank you so much Evelin! <3 You are great artist with miniature food and your opinion for us is very important!

one our client would like the furnitures and many food miniatures, but cannot use royal icing and him not like the fondant and sugar paste. For this reason we decided try everything create directly from gingerbread dough (also without gluten and sugar, on Xanthan and maple syrupwith )
seems that first experiment ok and date of the suitability 24 months is very good news for us too

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