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Made by Manu (Cookie Connection Tutorial November 2018, link in first comment)

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I realized that the hearts were swinging while moving the tree to take pictures. It made me think of a heartbeat. And so I wanted to share.  I made a first video and I shaked the tree to show the swing but it really looked like a earthquake was taking place, so instead I did my best to made them swing by using a fan in front of the cookie. I hope you enjoyed it!


LInk to my November tutorial on Cookie Connection (use of the logo is courtesy and copyright of Julia M Usher)


My 3-D Christmas tree cookie is inspired by a Christmas tree composed of stacked cardboard tubes (like those inside rolls of paper towels), all stapled together, made by my kids many years ago. Here, I made thick cookie rings and baked them close together so they would fuse into a sturdy structure. I then flooded this fused structure on both sides, and hung a heart-shaped royal icing transfer within each ring. The little hearts are “glued” to strips of wafer paper so everything in this project is edible! I originally intended to use mini cookies for the hearts, but the transfers gave a lighter look to the final structure.


For more inspiration have a look at these wonderful 3D gingerbread trees, made two years ago by Hani Bacova @Hani/Haniela's:;igshid=v9p9tgjvs108

by Rebecca Weld @RebeccArchitect

and by Rosemary Ann of Sweet Kissed Confections (aka @Rosemary Ann): 



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Evelindecora posted:

Wonderful! Love the idea, so original, and soft unconventional colors! Merry Christmas dear @Manu 🎄❤️🎄

Thank you Evelin @Evelindecora! 💕🎄💕 Merry Christmas! Time flies!!!

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