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Hedgehog Cookies

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Originally Posted by Sabrina etrea:
Oh my God ! Oh my God !!!!! but it is spectacular
oh mio dio ! o mio dio !!!!! ma è spettacolosissssssssimo!!!!!!!!

Ahahah! GRAZIE!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:

Adoramazing!  Is it OK if I invent a word for this?  Seriously.  


Originally Posted by MichelleLynn:

You kill me!!! Perfection is not even a word that could describe your talent. Love it.



Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

bravo   beautiful


Originally Posted by Lina Cruz Sweet&Kawaii:

Remember me a little baby that I have time ago, my hedgehog named Jacob 


Originally Posted by Lina Cruz Sweet&Kawaii:

OMG its so adorable, I love It! congrats, I lov all ur work, Im ur Mexican fan 


Originally Posted by virago:

adorable hedgy! incredible painting!


Originally Posted by TheTailoredCookie:



Originally Posted by CHELY Morales:

Súper hermosas!!!


Originally Posted by Ana Garza:

pero que belleza¡¡¡¡¡ es adorable :*


Originally Posted by Magadiuz:

Non credo ai miei occhi Evelin. Sei il michelangelo dei biscotti! 


Originally Posted by Sarabella:

Adorable! Wonderful job.


Originally Posted by Nonna Mela:


Originally Posted by morena lopez:

Come già ti ho detto i tuoi biscotti... o meglio ..i tuoi capolavori mi emozionano!! bravissima!!

THANK YOU! GRAZIE! GRACIAS! Your sweet comments warms my ❤️

Of course when I think of a hedgehog, I have to say that "cute" is not the first word that comes to mind. Lol. But, your hedgehog cookies go far beyond cute!! These are fabulous works of art, Evelin . I can't even imagine the amount of patience it must take to make all those teensy, tiny brush strokes and know exactly where you're going with each one. I just can't envision in my head well enough to execute anything this intricate.


Your painting is truly amazing!! LOVE these cookies .