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Here Comes the Sun!
150 Cookies for Food Distribution

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Sunshine Group

I finished early this week!!  This was in some part due to a bit of an all-nighter last night.  But the MVP again this week was the royal icing transfers.  I did the faces ahead ahead of time.  Once the face set up, I piped the sunglasses and finally found a use for the tiny dragees I had.  They were a bit hard to control however and many ended up bouncing all over the floor. Despite the difficulty to locate and see the runaway dragees on the floor, the ended up being deceptively painful to step on.  This was something my husband pointed out repeatedly.  

Nonetheless, I'm happy with how these turned out.  I played around with several techniques on extensions of the sun - wet-on-wet, marbling, etc.  Nothing really stuck out as terribly interesting.  I almost left them plain but decided that the orange dots around the center gave them just enough zippity pow.  I used Julia's cut-out gingerbread recipe as the base and called them Sunshine Snaps. (Thank you Julia @Julia M. Usher!)

Note - the fact that I finished early is nothing shy of miraculous considering how much of my "cookie time" I have been spending on the new challenge.  So far, all of my new challenge attempts have been unsuccessful but I have been having a lot of fun.  If it distracts me to the point of missing one of the upcoming weekly deliveries, I'm giving them your number Christine @Sweet Prodigy!😂


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  • Sunshine Group
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Awwww, i love your ☀️, dear Lisa!! So cute and cool with those sunglasses 😎 😁😁Excellent gift of love, once again!🥰💝

Thank you Heather.  Hopefully they will bring some smiles! 😘

Your commentare, always so wonderfully entertaining dear Lisa !!! 😂
And your summer sun cookies are so cool!! Great work my cookie friend!! ❤️😘 @LisaF

Thank you so much my friend!  ❤️😘

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