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A Video by Julia M Usher

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In a recent video, I showed you how to make simple, one-dimensional lace doilies. And in this video, I take lace to a higher level - literally - by wrapping it around cakes for a wonderfully tasty and romantic effect. Below is a taste of what you'll see in the video, though I only show the wrapping of one tier.




If you'd like to see this video in all its HD* glory, along with linked annotations to other videos and tutorials, then please view it on my new YouTube channel here:


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* This site limits uploads to 100MB, which means that this video needed to be compressed to view here.


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  • Lace Montage: Photos and Chocolate Work by Julia M Usher

Jamie - It ISN'T that hard and there are so many possible variations. I'll be showing some more colorful styles in upcoming videos.

I tried my first cake last week on a six inch cake. It set before I got it finished and had to start over. what kind of chocolate does best? I really love this design. Your work is fabulous.

Cyndra - You want to use a premium chocolate - such as couverture - with cocoa butter as the only fat in it. NO coating chocolate or candy melts, and not Hershey's. Coating/candy and other cheap forms of chocolate have other types of fat in them that will set faster. But a wide range of chocolates work fine (Ghirardelli, Callebaut, Valrhona, etc.) as long as your room is not too cold. It takes me about 1/2 hour to pipe a strip for an 8-inch cake, and the chocolate will not set up in that time if you do as noted above. But you should try to work as fast as possible, since the chocolate is not tempered. You need to get it in the fridge very soon after it is piped to suppress any bloom (gray haze) from forming on the chocolate.

Originally Posted by oriele:

I did and i think a very easy technique todo pretty well,, , anything you say is not enought to show my apreciation for all your videos Julia thanks!

Thanks so much, Oriele!

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