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A Video by Julia M Usher

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Trick AND Treat! Yes, this cauldron is tricky, because it’s also a treat. Believe it or not, it’s 100 percent cookie and icing, with the added surprise of having Halloween candy inside. Bake and decorate the cauldrons from start to finish for special Halloween party favors. Or simply make the pieces in advance and let your guests build their own personalized cauldrons on the spot.


To view this video in high resolution, visit it on YouTube here. This video is also part of a special Halloween treats collaboration with several of my YouTube friends. For more of those videos, click here


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Images (3)
  • Cauldron with Lid On: Cookie and Photo by Julia M Usher
  • Lid Off, with Candy Inside!: Cookie and Photo by Julia M Usher
  • Two Cauldrons Are Better Than One!: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
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Aris posted:

I´m your fan Julia; you have great ideas ¡¡¡

Thanks so much, Aris! More videos to come, so please stay tuned!

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