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A Video by Julia M Usher

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By popular request, I bring you this week’s marbled flower and leaf video! After I posted my 3-D cookie basket and bud vase videos last year, I received numerous questions about how I made the tiny daisies and leaves that fill those cookies. And now, at long last, here’s the tutorial!


Though this video is belated (my apologies), I trust it will still some in handy – regardless of whether arranged in cookie baskets or served on their own, these cookies are a bright (and easy) addition to any springtime table


To view the video in high res, go to YouTube by clicking here. And while there, please subscribe to my channel to help these videos keep coming! Thanks!




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  • Marbled Flowers and Leaves: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
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Originally Posted by ClassicCookies by Parr:

Eye poppin pretty!

Thanks! The photos look super bright for some reason (maybe something that happens when the video gets compressed; everything looks darker). In reality, they were not quite so eye-popping! 

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