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How to Make SugarVeil Flowers (Plus, a SugarVeil 101)

A Video by Julia M Usher

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Woo hoo! This week you’re in for double the fun - I’ve got a double feature! I start off this video with an in-depth edible sugar lace primer that shows how to mix the medium, spread it into silicone mats, and quick-set it in the oven to make both single-color and two-tone sugar lace. Once you’ve mastered those basics, we’re onto the second part (starting at 15:49): a how-to on making unique variegated flowers and leaves (great for cupcake toppers) using the two-tone lace created in part one!


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Originally Posted by Funny gingerbread.Elena Vlasyuk:

Very nice and informative! Thank you so much for this delight!!!

You're very welcome!

Originally Posted by Karina jim:

really great, thank you so much for your classes. I have learned from you good things, now I'm able to do better cookies. And my family always like to eat my new cookies.


Thanks so much, Karina. These particular flowers are a little too big for cookies, but you could scale them down and they would work well on them too!

well again   fantastic   you are the grand lady!     loveeeeeeee   so ready to try it   lol    now if only I can get acclimated to this darn windows upgrade    woe is me!  lol 

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