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Brush Embroidery on Roses Technique by Nadia of My Little Bakery

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I love watching tutorials by Nadia of My Little Bakery . Such an incredible artist! Her roses are amazing. When I recently watched a tutorial showing roses with brush embroidery on the petals I wanted to see if I could get the direction and perspective right. I'm just not great at getting the direction of the brush embroidery on the roses that give that real life  feeling to the finished cookie. I felt intimidated when I tried this knowing that the brush embroidery direction on each petal is crucial to bringing the roses to life. I have a long way to go (with lots of practice) but overall am somewhat satisfied with the result.

She makes it look so easy! Nadia came up with the idea of airbrushing a rose stencil onto a cookie and then filling in each of the petals with RI. Once dried, she shows how to correctly use brush embroidery to create the real life petals on roses.


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Icingsugarkeks posted:

WoW! This cookies are amazing!!!! Love the roses especially! ❤️ @Cookies Fantastique

You are beyond kind dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks!! It was fun working on these roses. I hope to keep practicing and would love to master the technique. You are always so kind ❤

Evelindecora posted:

I love everything about this set of yours Carol! The colors, the design and the vintage touch are simply amazing 💜💗💜

Thank you dear Evelin!! I'm so glad you like the look and feel of these @Evelindecora 😊😊. I appreciate your sweet encouragement ❤❤

Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

I looooove them, dear @Cookies Fantastique!!! Thanks for sharing them with us as well as the tutorial! I’m going to give it a try too! Appreciate the challenge 🥰

Oh thank you dear Heather @Heather Bruce Sosa!! I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Isn't Nadia amazing?! ❤❤❤

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