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Originally Posted by Valerie J:

OMG - I am aghast at your skill, teach me please!

Thank You! Iam really far from You... sadly! But these cake is presentation for my classes...

My ideas on this cake come from Christine Flinn's book. Look after it!

Originally Posted by Anita-Vintique Cakes:

the first time I saw this cake I thought WOWSERS! the very next day I sat down and practices for hours trying to decipher how you did that top stringwork! awesome

Oh, I'm so honored! Thank You. It's simly. We can turn oupside down the nglish cake. After everithing is possible!

Originally Posted by Cookies Fantistique by Carol:

This is unbelievable!!! Love the colors and the piping is amazing . Serious cake decorating art.

Thank you!
I walked a little farther from tradition of Royal Icing.
I like to widen the boundaries. 

accordingly, I haven't done badly.

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