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Kitty and a Jar of Teddy Cookies!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #19

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PicsArt_10-27-06.23.50Kitty Meow received a large jar of yummy chocolate teddy cookies!

One by one he will be eating them again and again and again.

Kitty Meow loves jars full of cookies! Will you give them a try?

And don't forget you will be able to eat the lid as it is made of pure yummy chocolate!!! ♡♡♡

Enjoy my Homemade Cookie Lovers and have a nice day!Used materials for this work:

- chocolate model no trademark, in which we cooked the cookies (first I froze de cookies)

- the lid of the cookies jar: we placed the dough inside of it, froze it and afterwards  baked it in the oven all together

- dough mold from trademark "Antex masa para moldear" I rolled the dough and pressed the mold down in the cookie dough



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