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Lace Carnival Masks | Manu

Lace Carnival Masks  | Manu
First attempt with lace... how frustrating having ideas but not achieved the skills yet! I thought I had to share the idea anyway.

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LisaF posted:

I think you did a terrific job!!  Keep up the good work!!

Irina posted:

Oh, very nice!!!

Laegwen posted:

Wow! If you get any better, I'll get depressed

Thank you, you are all so kind! I will keep practising! Though I don't think you'll get depressed too!

Carol-Anne posted:

These are absolutely amazing for a 1st try! They are beautiful!

Thank you Carol-Anne, I am just glad to have given an idea. Next time (next year) I will put them on a oval cookie that will fit as kind of pedestal...

Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

So beautiful!! Are these royal icing transfers? If so, you've done a really amazing job with them. If not, can you tell me what medium you used? I love them

Yes, is grey RI transfer. I handpainted with silver extended luster, to try to cover imperfections... I wish I had an airbrush. 

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