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Lily Fountain | Bakerloo Station
Practice Bake Perfect Challenge #5

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My inspirations from the Pinterest board were the water fountains, the pebble path, the mosaic (the inner edge between the pebbles and water on my base cookie), and the lilies.  The water is candy I made boiled to the hard crack stage, and the lily is all royal icing.

Hi Bette!  I made the candy for the water from scratch.  I just used sugar, corn syrup and water and boiled it on low for literally 2 hours (!) until it reached the "hard crack stage"  (300 degrees F.)  Right after I took it off the heat, I tinted it blue, but since the candy is pretty yellowish by the time it reaches hard crack stage, the final color was more green-blue. I think next time I would stop at "soft crack," when the candy is a much paler yellow, and see if that works better for tinting. 
Originally Posted by bette:

Fabulous!  LOVE the water…. feels like it is flowing!  What kind of candy did you use? Sidney Galprin( makes an awesome isomalt with shimmer that I have used for water as all. 


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