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Hi, Angioletta - Lovely cookies posted to the site. Thanks for sharing! But before posting again, PLEASE read the site posting rules:  http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST




1. Photos should both be put in clip sets AND tagged (this image had no tags, OR clip sets until I added them for you as an example)

2. Please post no more than 5 cookies in rapid succession/at one time. Our members like to see a variety of cookiers' content in the home page photo feeds, which is why we have this rule.


Again, please make every effort to both tag and put your images into clip sets, as this is really the only way people and search engines will find your images later. Plus, it saves me tons of time cleaning up images for others on the site. Many thanks!


Thanks - the link should explain all you need to know about uploading to the site. The link is also accessible on the home page and at the top of every forum post for future reference.

FYI - I fixed all of the images (10-15) that you uploaded last night, but I do need you to classify and tag in the future. Please also watch out for mass uploads, as tags and clips sets that you select for the upload will apply to all cookies in that upload whether those classifications actually relate. It is best to tag and classify (put in clip sets) each photo individually to be sure that the classifications you select relate to each photo. THANKS SO MUCH!

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