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Making the Rainbow Connection
A Cookie Decorating Experience #1

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Recently, I had the privilege of providing a cookie decorating experience for a group of 9 & 10 year-old girls, as part of a special birthday celebration. The birthday girl's only request was for one cookie to be a rainbow.


I created a Piping Template that started the interactive session with icing-filled coronets, offering an introduction to creating lines, dots, and circles.


The girls also worked with six colors of icing, the rainbow connection as requested.


From there, the girls decorated 4 cookies that demonstrated simple techniques that deliver varying, impressive results.


They discovered the magic of marbling colors with wet-on-wet icing on a giant, 5-inch round cookie!


Next, they worked with a 4-inch, square cookie that had been previously coated, on one half with white icing. They learned how to flood the other half and then saw, first-hand, the difference in lines applied to dry as opposed to wet icing.


An outlined, flower-shaped cookie provided a second flooding experience to which wet-on-wet dots were transformed into hearts.


The final cookie, a big, 5-inch arch, previously iced in white, provided a blank canvas for an amazing array of individual interpretations of a rainbow.


What an enjoyable experience for everyone, especially me as I was inspired with children's abilities to try new things with wild abandon and appreciate the satisfaction derived from creating with their own hands!

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