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Many Thick Cats

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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Thanks 😘  @Kat Rutledge-ibicci

Hi Gabi, I was hoping to get back to having another look at these - I LOVE them!! Such an easy way to do cat cookies, and if you don't mind I'd love to do this sort of design for my local RSPCA May I ask where the cutter is from? So CUTE !!

@Kat Rutledge-ibicci  Hi IBICCI, Thank you for your kind words. For the most part, I make my own cutters. Made of metal strips or for 3D printing on the PC. The "cutter" for these cats was a quick decision. A 1x cutter, so to speak. I draw the outline of the cat on a cardboard and then stuck a cardboard strip on the contour. I'll have to see if maybe I still have it ... It looked pretty funny! Anyway, I intend to design the cutter for 3D printing anyway. I could send you the finished stl file for the 3D printing by E-mail. Would that help you? Greetings Gabi

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