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Bakerloo Station posted:

You are KILLING ME with your miniatures! 

CHELY Morales posted:

Qué rico se ve!

Cookie Celebration LLC posted:

Unbelievable!  This is so fantastic Evelin!  Love everything about it.  Great job.

Carol-Anne posted:

These are really great!

Olvik posted:
This is absolutely real Evelin!!!)
swissophie posted:

Can't get over how real this all looks!!! And then to imagine how tiny these are!!! Flabbergasting to no end!!!

Tina At Sugar Wishes posted:

Amazing. This is really awesome. How big is this cookie?

GeminiRJ posted:

Wow! I can't even imagine the time involved in creating something of this caliber! Outstanding!

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

@Sugar Wishes: the cookie size is 9cm!

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Oh my god, eve! Your designs are so amazing and inspiring! Such a beautiful detailed work! The painting in vintage style is so beautiful, I'm just in love with the whole scene ❤

There's nothing there I wouldn't eat So Evelindecors I'll have a salami and artichoke sandwich on a Kaiser with cottage cheese and carrots on the side please and thank you it's about time someone made a real healthy cookies lunch

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