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My "Birthday Wishes" Prettier Plaques Stencil Set in Action!

My "Birthday Wishes" Prettier Plaques Stencil Set in Action!
Cookies by Julia; Stencil Design by Julia in Partnership with Stencil Ease

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Don't forget  . . .

For the full video tutorial:
In the above tutorial, I not only explain how to use this five-piece stencil set, but I also explore two different airbrush-cleaning practices that lead to different color-blending effects.
katydoescookies posted:

Love them!  Perfect timing...I'm doing mine today!!!  Can't wait!!--Katy

Can't wait to see your versions, so PLEASE share! We're also trying to round up nice customer photos for the Stencil Ease site!

Thanks, everyone! Pretty easy to do with the right airbrush and pretty stencils! Working on some much harder cookies today . . .

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

What a gorgeous design Julia! I love the color palette you've chosen and the precision of the airbrushing. Like all that you do, it's amazing

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